How to hide your gold and silver at home-


We are big proponents of keeping your precious metals outside of the banking system, this includes safety deposit boxes for long term storage.  That leaves the options of private vaults and home storage, today we will talk a little about the latter.

Before you hide gold or silver at home, we recommend either telling your trusted loved one or disclosing the secret in a sealed envelope to be opened by your heirs after your death.  Make sure someone you would like to have the metal is able to find it.  Their are way too many stories in the news of squabbles and the tax ramifications of found metal.  Save your heirs the headache.

Here are some great ideas to hide metal in your home-

Wall safe-  There are plenty of ways to make a wall safe. Dummy electrical boxes, top loads from the attic or other floors work too.We have a good friend who literally had a pickup truck full of junk silver that he had to break out of the walls of his house after it caught fire.

Koi pond-  Vacuum seal your loot, paint the bag black and sink it.  Or just paint your bars.  You could do this in an aquarium too

Underneath tub-  Many bath tubs can be accessed from another room.  A molded tub is a great hiding spot for metal.

Dummy pipe-  Here is an inexpensive way to hide metal,  Get an old cast iron pipe, cap the ends and fill it full of coins, etc.  The pipe can then be placed in the wall, attic, under a tub or any other place where you might find a pipe.  Just make sure to move it before you call the plumber.

Floor safe- this is great way to hide a large amount of gold and silver and is one of the safest.  It involves cutting the concrete on your slab, dropping a safe in the ground and them sealing it back in with rebar and concrete.  If you are going to do this, have someone very trusted do it or do it yourself.  You do not want to build a house and have 50 contractors know you have a floor safe. The key is to have the safe out of sight.


The idea here is to think outside of the box.  The best strategy is a diversified storage plan.  You want to keep some metal on hand, and as your hoard builds perhaps some in a segregated private vault. You may even want some in a foreign depository for further diversification.

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